Rattie was exposed to the harsh realities of life at an early age. Raised in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, his migration to the U.S. was short-lived. After serving a prison term and being deported, it wasn't long before Rattie made his return to U.S. soil.

A charismatic ladies man, Rattie leaves behind a trail of broken heart and dead bodies as he sets out to re-establish his hold in the streets. Unaware his enemies are closer than he thinks, he makes a series of choices that set in motion a chain of events which may find him on the wrong side of the law once again, or worse.

Set in the Washington, DC area, Love and Dancehall is a gritty tale of sex, drugs, murder, and total mayhem. The dramatic cast of characters takes you on a wild ride through the explosive world of dancehall which leads to a shocking and dramatic ending.



Ida E Wells, better known by many as Ida Blanco, has been revered for many years in the dancehall community as one of the top promoters in the DMV area. A true trailblazer, some of Ida’s accomplishments include the yearly staging of her renowned event OP¥UM, radio host of Da Hype Zone, an on-air camera personality, an entrepreneur, a business coach, and a now a published author.


Ida, who now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, currently works in the television industry and has set her sights on becoming an Executive Producer.




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